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When your workforce isn't feeling their best, get them one-on-one direct access to physicians for the high-quality care they need, when they need it the most.

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Telemedicine is a contemporary and highly valued addition to benefit offerings.

In recent years, telemedicine has become one of the most requested and valuable products among a growing and diverse audience. DialCare's unique model is available to the employer/employee benefit market and works simply and effectively to provide convenient access to quality care – saving time and money, and reducing absenteeism.

DialCare is ideal for these common ailments:


Nasal Congestion



cold-flu-dialcare-telemedicine-treatment after

Cold and Flu


Pink Eye



We also treat fever, rashes, urinary tract infections, stomach ache, nausea, sore throat, ear aches, infections and more.

Don't see what's bringing you down? Contact us, and we'll go over all telemedicine treatable symptoms.

When is telemedicine used?

  • For non-emergency medical issues, questions and concerns
  • During or after normal business hours, nights, weekends and holidays
  • When a member lives a significant distance from a primary care physician
  • When a primary care physician is not available
  • When traveling and in need of medical care or guidance

When medically appropriate, a DialCare physician may prescribe a short term, non-DEA controlled medication for the member to pick up at the pharmacy of their choice.


Our telemedicine platform benefits:

  • Patient profiles/medical history
  • Archived consults
  • High-definition video
  • Mobile app available
  • Phone or video consults available

What Is DialCare?

It's a new, simple way to access around-the-clock care from a national network of licensed and fully credentialed physicians. Born from the same entrepreneurial spirit as its founding company, Careington International Corporation, the DialCare product and name are synonymous with what makes Careington an industry leader today:

dialcare-industry-leader-innovation Innovation

dialcare-industry-leader-ease-of-use Ease of Use

dialcare-industry-leader-customization Customization

dialcare-industry-leader-speed-to-market Speed to Market

dialcare-industry-leader-product-superiority Product Superiority

dialcare-industry-leader-industry-expertise Industry Expertise

At DialCare, our experience in this space ensures the core competencies of our advanced telemedicine solution and will provide a competitive advantage through flexibility and customization, staying ahead of trends in the evolving consumer telemedicine space now and into the future.

Make DialCare your telemedicine solution.


Video and phone consults 24/7


Uses DialCare's own U.S.-based network of licensed physicians


For employers, associations, labor groups and health plans


Individual and family plans available

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